Extraordinary industrial, scientific, and technological achievements have taken place in the West over the last several hundred years. The standard of living in the West has never been higher. We are living longer and healthier lives. We have shelter, clean water, electricity, paved roads, and health care. Most of our children are educated, and most of us have ample leisure time. This is not the situation in the rest of the world however. 

The developing world has rarely benefited from the West’s achievements: billions of people live in abject poverty, without food, shelter, electricity, potable water, sanitation, paved roads, or adequate health care. Our mission must be to achieve balance in the world. In developing and emerging counties, the high infant mortality rates, hunger, poverty, and disease condemn the people to lives of hopelessness. With all the technological advances and achievements, the developing world is still plagued with wars, social injustice, poverty, hunger, and disease. This condition has persisted for hundreds of years. This imbalance is the root of all crises, and it is our peaceful mission to achieve the equilibrium. 

The unworkability in the world is due to cultural, political, and financial evolutions that have undermined ancient truths that guided Western civilization for centuries: secularism has elevated the state (or nation) with laws created by man above the historical values embraced by the world’s religions and the philosophies of the ancients concerning natural law and ethics. This, in turn, has created a culture of relativism where “right and wrong,” or “good and evil” are decided by the individual, not by the values and ethics that guided our sociocultural evolution for centuries before. These evolutions also permitted the creation of the vast global oligarchy that now controls our world—a world that values the extension of power and control over the natural rights and natural laws of humanity and the environment. We must examine how these evolutions have brought us to this point in time and what we can do to bring more balance and equilibrium to the world.

Thousands of courageous men and women around the world are engaged in the fight against global tyranny. The goal should be to awaken, shock, inspire, and motivate more men and women to find solutions to the problems facing us wherever they live, whatever their religious or political worldview. Women, in particular, have a major role to play in this battle. It is the duty and responsibility of women to participate fully. Women should and must continue to come forward as leaders, to take our places alongside men, knowing that our values are critical to creating a world of more equity and balance. Women’s participation in fighting global tyranny is needed now more than ever. The question arises, “How can women influence the direction of our institutions to bring about a more equitable world?”