Waiting On the Correct Media Response

I’m still waiting for a TV documentary or news article which speaks to the underlying motives for the terrorist activity taking place in the West.  All we, hear, see, ad nauseam are clichés:

They hate our democracy.

They hate our culture.

They hate our values.

They are evil.

They hate women.

How about they are angry because the USA, England, France, and other Western countries, for 16 years, have killed and wounded millions of their men, women and children, displaced 50 million refugees from their homelands, destroyed entire countries and their infrastructures, pillaged their natural resources and deprived them of any possibility of finding meaningful work where they live?  Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria have been virtually destroyed by the West’s military incursions.

And we wonder why they’re angry?

Citizens in the West should get mad at the evil that continues to be perpetuated by our Western governments.  Our governments’ actions over the past 16 years have created the terrorism we now face and the invasion of millions displaced from the countries we have decimated. 

Why is there no media discussion of our responsibility? 

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