News in Balance

We are constantly overwhelmed by bad news.  No matter which country we live in or which television channel we watch, the news is always sensational, centered on violence or fear.  And yet, there are so many inspiring stories to be told.  Stories about good news are rarely told in the media.  I hope to change that with this blog.  Men and women around the world are taking action to solve problems in their communities, their countries and the world at large.  Some are starting businesses to address what they believe are failures in our school systems to provide healthful lunches.  See and

Others are organizing movements to hold major corporations responsible for the harmful ingredients used in our packaged food products.  See   These are passionate people with a cause to improve the quality of life.  I shall continue to search out others and tell you their stories.  Please send me “good news” success stories about people are taking action in their communities so we can share it here.

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