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There are enormous socio-economic and political problems in the world today, in large part, the result of not enough emphasis on “feminine values”. However, that tide is changing. More and more, women are appearing and leading, in governments, corporations, and organizations. And, women are… Read more

Neoconservatives, Machiavelli and The Prince

Tyrants and despots have never required justification for their actions. In the 17th century, as political philosophers began to reject the classic Catholic doctrines of politics and ethics, The Prince was viewed as more relevant: truths are more important than ideals.

It is… Read more


Beginning in 1917, Western technology was the most important factor in the early phase of economic development of the U.S.S.R. The Western countries which have been the prime technical subsidizers of the U.S.S.R. are also the countries with the largest expenditures on armaments against a… Read more

On John Ruskin and His "Sesame and Lilies"

A woman’s true power rests in her feminine values and her willingness to insist those values are as critical to society as men’s values.  Today, more than ever, women’s values need to be front and center. 

John Ruskin (1819–1900) was an English artist, scientist, poet, environmentalist,… Read more

The Feminine Principle and Jesus Christ

All patriarchal organizations are inclined to express and honor masculine traits. Religious organizations are no exception.  We rarely hear about Jesus Christ’s feminine traits although he manifested them and spoke of their importance often.  Masculine traits are, indeed, to be honored, but they… Read more

It Saddens Me

To see the wasted energy of anger and hatred taking place in my dear country, the United States. 

To see the death of journalism, now simply propaganda, which stokes the anger and hatred.

To see the hypocrisy of self-serving politicians who fuel the hatred, instead of working… Read more

Legal Tyranny

Laws and dubious accounting practices have given the multinationals and super rich the ability to avoid taxes by setting up off-shore subsidiaries through which they divert their profits. This legal practice has deprived states of much-needed income to finance their government programs, caused… Read more

Slander is Nothing New: It's Only More Devastating Now

I just saw Rossini’s comedy opera, "The Barber of Seville" (not for the first time), which was first performed in 1816.  This time around I was struck by the words of an aria which describes the correct use of “slander”. 

It goes as follows: “We must begin to invent a story which… Read more

On the Rise of Populism: March 26th, 2017

Populism continues to rise in France.  A recent poll showed that 97% of the French think politicians are corrupt.  Some think that’s an understatement.  The financial scandal of front-runner Francois Fillon, Former Prime Minister, has seemingly ended his ambition to be President of the French… Read more

Waiting On the Correct Media Response

I’m still waiting for a TV documentary or news article which speaks to the underlying motives for the terrorist activity taking place in the West.  All we, hear, see, ad nauseam are clichés:

They hate our democracy.

They hate our culture.

They hate our values.

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